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Morgan had humble beginnings from a working class family, who at times struggled to put food on the table. From a young age, her parents instilled the values of hard work, kindness and determination.


She watched her mother put herself through college in her forties,  while working two minimum wage jobs. And witnessed her dad take risks and make sacrifices to become a small business owner.

Morgan started working in elementary school doing any odd jobs she could. At age 14 she worked as a janitor, in a retail store, and at a restaurant. In college she worked 40 hours a week in fast food, while going to school full time and playing soccer for her University.

Morgan is now a small business owner, construction worker, and runs a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that supports children coming out of institutionalized care, such as the foster care system.


She believes that our country was set up to send working class citizens, like herself, to Washington D.C. to represent the people for short periods of time, before passing on the duties to another member of the community.


  A candidate for the people, not the political parties  


    She is a public servant. Not a career politician.    

Morgan's long history of serving the people in her communities include:

  • Founding a safe home for women rescued out of human trafficking

  • Living with terminally ill children with cancer

  • Disaster relief and aid

  • Founding a nonprofit organization that provides access to clean water in developing countries

  • Living in and running an HIV orphanage

  • Working inside of Colorado's maximum security women's prison

  • Supporting single parents and widows through securing affordable housing

  • 10 years of working directly on the streets with our homeless communities 


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