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A New Voice for Denver


Morgan Law for Colorado's 1st District 

I am passionate about bringing power back to the people. Why? Because I am one of them. I am a construction worker, a mother, and a public servant.

Colorado has more Independent voters than either Republican or Democratic voters.

85% of Americans want another option for their politics. I am running a campaign that has never been run before.

Unbought   |   Uncorrupt   |   Unaffiliated

As an independent candidate: I do not have to answer to either party. I do not have to spend the majority of my day fundraising for the establishment. I can vote for the people, not to please my corporate donors. I can work across partisan lines, to make progress for real change.


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 History in the Making 

If elected to congress Morgan would be:

  • The first woman elected to congress in the history of The United States of America as an Independent

  • The first congressional candidate not to accept funds from any PAC, special interest group, lobbyist or political party 

  • The only representative from Colorado to volunteer for term limits

  • The first member of congress elected as an independent from the state of Colorado

Be a part of History

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Morgan Law for Congress

P.O. Box 102473

Denver, CO 80250

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